Monday, January 28, 2013

HomeFlip Version 1.24

- Hopefully, this version will be last to erase favorites on upgrade.
- Fix double home click issue.
- Check that custom fonts are supported before import.

Note for peoples that complains about too frequent updates, the fix is simple, do not update! :)


HomeFlip 1.23a

Various requested features:

- Added support for custom fonts.
- Added support for full-screen mode.


- Theme preview always visible in settings.
- Various bug fix.

Custom font.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

HomeFlip 1.22 service release.

HomeFlip 1.22 as just been pushed to the market to fix small issues from 1.2:
- When "show only favorites" is selected but no favorites are availble, HomeFlip was simply not starting, this is now fixed.
- When activation mode "Manual" was selected, HomeFlip was not properly updating tasks, this now fixed.

HomeFlip 1.2


- Remove duplicate tasks issue.
- Add settings to show all apps not just recent ones (default off).
- Add settings to show only favorites.
- Compact mode (neat, try it!)
- In compact mode, click outside a task close HomeFlip.
- Support for left handed mode.
- Add settings for icons hue.
- Fix random force close when coming back from the settings screen.
- Added support the 'holo' variant for the default theme.



Friday, January 25, 2013

HomeFlip 1.2 wip.

This weekend development will be focused on the following:

- Fix the missing column on pixel triggered by some themes.
- Fix the double activation issue (when click home again to exit, HomeFlip restart before leaving).
- Fix duplicated tasks (there not really duplicated but have the same name).
- Fix lags reported by user with low-end devices.
- Work on some eye candy for frivolous users :)

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HomeFlip on XDA

Thanks a lot to Joseph Hindy from XDA for writing up an article about HomeFlip!

Swipe to activate.

It looks like the most requested feature for HomeFlip is the 'swipe to activate' as in the excellent SwipePad ,
I'll investigate this and its impact on APK size and permissions, keep you posted.

APK for peoples that cannot access the store.

Here the APK for 1.1b: download

Sunday, January 20, 2013

HomeFlip 1.1 is live and out of beta!

The one main added feature is the often requested ability to manually reorder favorite tasks.
User guide available here : User guide


HomeFlip user guide v1.2

Getting started with HomeFlip


HomeFlip allow you to display and switch to recent tasks in a blink using a simple and intuitive interface.

HomeFlip act as a complement of your launcher (stock or otherwise) and is mainly aimed at peoples that are looking for an efficient way to switch between tasks quickly without having to go back to the main launcher or having to (very) long press 'Home' button to do so!.


  • Automatically list recent tasks in a bottom up fashion.
  • Swipe left to mark a task as favorite.
  • Swipe right to mark a task as hidden.
  • Favorites tasks can be manually reordered, simply long press a favorite and drag it up and down.
  • Support custom themes, easily create your own and share it!
  • Plenty of tweaks available to configure your multitasking experience the way you like it. 
  • Small and fast, do not clutter your phone.
  • No Ads and free for ever.


Q: I have disable the on-screen menu option and because my device to not have a dedicated menu button I am unable the recover the menu bar.

A: Simply pull the tasks list up (drag), this should display the menu bar temporally.

Q: After install and pressing the home button I've select my previous launcher by default, from thereon, I am unable to get HomeFlip to bound to the home button anymore.

A: This is a common mistake, simply install the "Search Clear Defaults" free application, run it and locate the app that is attached to "HOME" then click on it and select "Clear defaults"
Q: I have downloaded a theme, but I am unable to install it, what's wrong?

A: HomeFlip theme have the following name patern: * , so in some case, your device will already have an application attached to *.zip files by default. You simply need to clear the default of the application in question. Again, I recommend using "Search Clear Defaults" free application to spot and fix the problem.

Q: When I start HomeFlip, some or all my apps are invisible, what's wrong?

A: By default, HomeFlip only shows your recents tasks and your favorites, to display all installed applications, go to Settings / Show all apps.

Q: HomeFlip seems to lag something at startup, how can I improved things?

A: You can improve overall speed by turning some features off:
  • Choose the default themes with theme variant 'Holo', this is the least demanding theme.
  • Turn off label shadows.
  • Turn on 'show only favorites'
  • Turn off animations.
Q: Where can I download custom fonts:
A: Try

Q: I cannot see the Phone app.
A: The phone app is part of  'Contacts', so to access it from HomeFlip, simply look for 'Contacts'

Q: What the purpose of the permissions used by HomeFlip ?
A: The following permissions are requested by HomeFlip:

  • GET_TASKS and REORDER_TASKS are required in order to enumerate and activate tasks already running on the device.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to allow for custom themes and fonts import.
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW is required in order to support the swipe gesture to activate feature.
  • VIBRATE is required in order to give haptic feedback when performing various tasks in HomeFlip.


Installation and setup:

After installing HomeFlip, the next time you press the Home button, you will be presented with a choice:

Assigning HomeFlip to the Home button.

Selecting HomeFLip , Always will now assign HomeFlip to your Home button.
From thereon, pressing Home once will trigger HomeFlip, pressing Home twice will trigger the default launcher (this can be changed in Settings).

Basic gestures.

Once HomeFlip is triggered, you will be presented with the list you recent tasks.

By clicking on one task, you will switch to this task.

By swiping a task the the left, you will mark this task a favorites. Favorites task are always listed even if they are not running, in addition they can be reordered manually be long pressing one of them and dragging it up and down. 

By swipping a task to the right, you will hide the task. Hidden tasks are not displayed by default to avoid clutter, but can be shown by pressing the 'Eye' icon in the menu bar, or restored to normal tasks by pressing the 'Unbox' icon.

Make sure you explore the settings panel, plenty of options there to improve your experience even more.

That's it, you are ready to use HomeFlip, happy multitasking !.

HomeFlip developer.

Friday, January 18, 2013

HomeFlip 1.09a

HomeFlip 1.09a now supports manual activation, this mean that it can now be used as a component in any  launcher that supports swipe gesture.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

HomeFlip 1.09 beta live.

Version 1.09 beta is out, mostly a maintenance release.
The next version 1.1 will include favorites task reordering and won't be beta anymore since all known issues have been resolved.

After 1.1, no more new features will be added, only bug fixes and improvements releases, in addition, HomeFlip might be open-sourced at some point after that.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Themes support.

Template theme for contributors.

"Basic" template theme

- Download the theme.
- Click on the downloaded file from the notification bar and choose HomeFlip.

xda contributor's themes:

Bullet by benwalburn.

Holo by benwalburn.

Square slate by g0t-cheeri0s.

Thanks to all for their work.

More to come, stay tuned.!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

HomeFlip 1.05 Live

HomeFlip, the multitasking for Android the way it is meant to be.
Version 1.05 beta is now live!